titanium contemporary art gallery

"Art is not just a truth, nor is it just a lie. The real work of art is a hidden lie within a truth or a hidden truth within a lie."

Aristides Yiayiannos

Since its inception, in 1987, the Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery, has maintained a continuous presence in the area of contemporary art, representing and radiating the vision of artists. Over three hundred solo exhibitions of Greek and foreign artists, have been presented at the gallery as well as numerous group shows. The gallery has collaborated and co-organized exhibitions with museums and foreign galleries and actively participates in international art fairs including ARCO, ESTAMPA, ART ATHINA, LINEART, TOKYO ART EXPO, ARTE SUR, EUROPART.

Our scope is to continue to express artistic reality, and anything it reflects. In these times of vibrant pluralism and polyphony, the Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery provides young artists the opportunity to develop their ideas and the audience the opportunity to experience and appreciate the value and depth of these ideas.

The Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery is situated in Athens on Vas. Konstantinou Avenue #44, on an axis between the National Gallery of Art and the Kalimarmaron Panathenaic Stadium (home to the first Olympic Games in 1896). The gallery is adjacent to the National Research Center of Greece and diagonally across the National Conservatory, all within walking distance from the Evangelismos Metro Station.


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