titanium contemporary art gallery

titanium contemporary art gallery


in the middle of Night, in the middle of Day

Maria Stamati, several years ago, has worked with the video art in the field of research and creation, without forgetting her status, that of the painter. After her highly successful appearance at the international fair “ArtbyGeneve”, she returned to painting looking for this intermediate space which is more or less a theatre of existent or nonexistent shadows. In the photos and videos she presented in that exhibition the faces were missing, which she is now trying to touch within the vague area between the lens and the screen. And while the bodies in her previous exhibition were real, the faces in her current conceptual exhibition are entirely imaginary. It is obvious that the painter is facing the question: Motionless receiver-viewer and moving picture or still image and moving viewer? Allusive speech which does not propose, does not interpret, only implies and requests answers, as every real work of art.

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