titanium contemporary art gallery

titanium contemporary art gallery



The trend in art nowadays loves the delicate, the ephemeral, and the virtual. But Rosemonde insists that she wants to act out of fashion. Therefore, she calls her paintings as 'anti-paintings' and invites the visitor to touch them, to 'see' them with his hands, to feel the sensuality of their multiple levels and the forms of the relief that are created from the materials used, as plaster, wood and glue. During her 40-year artistic action she developed a personal style profoundly influenced by the art of the 'first civilizations' and especially by those of Africa. Her adoration for Africa, Latin America and Asia is obvious in the necklaces she makes. She travels in the most unlikely places, collecting fragments and remains of traditional jewelry and objects, in order to mix them and create units in an unknown until now link.

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