titanium contemporary art gallery

titanium contemporary art gallery



What is most important is light. Not the colored light, but the color that radiates light. The radiation.”  Motherwell (1965)

Indeed, the work of Dimitris Ratsikas irradiates light. The artist treats the light as plastic element. Nevertheless, the real strength of his work comes from the color that diffuses light. The painter uses it as the pre-eminent tool for the definition of form, as the resulting color is the product of the contact of the light with the material. The color has the role of a structural architectural element of the artwork, while it simultaneously allocates a magical internal brightness and a transparency that leads to an intense vibration of light.
In a feast of colors, what dominate the most are harmony and coherence, unity and purity. Ratsikas knows how to create surprises by knowing that in the field of creation everything is possible.

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