titanium contemporary art gallery

titanium contemporary art gallery

Kostis Papadopoulos Kostis Papadopoulos


Useless or marginalized by their use materials are redeployed to a "second script of life" through new figurative-mechanical and conceptual operations that are combined with applications of modern technology. A pair of robots claims the production of sentiments. "Utoptitic" machines that give to the visitor the possibility to use them and travel with them to dreamy natural landscapes and sounds. Pent looks in sculptural robots that watch the abnormal and aesthetic guidance of the human mass. A sightseer, pedalling, moves his four wheel vehicle, round the spectators and the art works, recording with one wireless micro camera everything that happens in the gallery. Live concerts with musical sculptures, manufactured from disparate, useless materials, that produce particular sounds and that collaborate with other, conventional instruments, in order to create music.

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