titanium contemporary art gallery

titanium contemporary art gallery



Malvina Bompart
With the deep knowledge of history of art and specifically of the sovereignty objet trouvé in the french figurative creation in the decades of the ' 60s, the ' 70s and ' 80s, knows very well how to give value to materials that formerly were useless, remaking unworthy into something precious.

Rosemonde Bron-Pache
She travels to the most improbable parts of Africa, Asia, Oceania and Southerner America, collecting splinters and remnants from popular jewels and objects in order to combine those and create units in unknown until now affinity.

Lina Moisidou
Jewels to be wore, but also to be treasured as museum pieces. Their obvious reference to original show pieces emphasizes to their dual character and functions in a way that the memories of artistic creations of other times meddle. The joy of color and the combination of such miscellaneous materials dominate and surprise the visitor of this exhibition.

Iosif Stavroulakis
His inspiration is found there, where the nature composes the most improbable and infrequent harmonies of forms and colours. He puts in the service of art even precious materials, such as gold, with fundamental and sovereign objective the figurative result. In this way, the gold gives mainly his colour and the voluptuous sense of touch without bluster and boast.

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