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LANDSCAPE IN A STORM - homage to El Greco

With the occasion of El Greco's 400th death anniversary, thirty two artists and a writer participate in a tribute to the memory of the great Cretan painter. The size (121x109cm) of Greco's painting "Todelo in  a storm", is the only restriction placed upon the artists who attempt to revive the work's atmosphere; the artists remain faithful to the work's general problematic without being limited to a mere recreation of the original's style, writing and meaning. They experiment with plastic escapes and attempt to bring the topic to the current status quo, thus serving the theme and title of an exhibition that pays a tribute to the great Greek artist.

Participating artists (in alphabetical order):
A.Gagik, M.Anagnostou, A.Blazoyiannaki, B.Colignon, A.Devetzis, E.Gambini, N.Gavallas, P.Karavevas, Y.Katimertzoglou, N.Kazirelova, Y. Koutsogiannis, E.Keratsa, M.Levendakou, W.May, N.Maragou, K.Michalos, C.Mitsikas, T.Mpathas, I.Parcharidis, T.Patraskidis, T.Poulopoulos, T.Salla, N.Saperas, P.Siagreece, A.Spartalis, Y.Spyropoulos Bach, M.Stamati, Y.Stefanakis, Y.Theodorou, L.Tsirigoulis, C.Vittis, A.Yayannos.

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